DIY: 100th Day of School T Shirt

Teachers are finding new ways to have fun. I think this is a relatively new idea but I think it has become a pretty big deal for the kiddos. A celebration for the 100th day of school! How awesome is that? I know my little kindergartner was super excited to have something to look forward to after Christmas. It was a full day of 100th day activities. They had to bring in 100 of something. A collection of something small like pennies or some small trinkets. We collected 100 buttons out of my sewing stash. Then they had to bring in a 100 day snack like cereal or candy to share. Gavin took Cookie Crisp cereal. They put it all together in a big bowl, mixed it up and shared it with their kindergarten family. Yes, they call themselves a family which I find absolutely adorable. We have been lucky to have a kindergarten teacher that was born to do this job. She is absolutely amazing.

Little man was super psyched about this 100 day celebration we decided to make a t shirt to wear to school! I had been browsing Pinterest and had seen one similar. (Unfortunately, I didn't pin it to link you to it.) It was super easy! We did it together during an episode of Good Luck Charlie (which is the cutest show btw!)

Washable Markers - we used basic Crayola ones, nothing fancy
Plain White T Shirt
Optional but helpful:
Big Binder Clips 
Big book that fits inside the shirt

I slid the book inside the shirt and used the binder clips to pull the t shirt tight. It can be difficult to write on stretchy t shirt fabric. I did the tick marks because my little one doesn't quite have the motor skills yet to do this project. I started at the top and just laid the ruler as a basic guide to keep things straight. and tick marked away!

We used five colors: purple, blue, green, orange and red! 

At the bottom I wrote "Happy 100th Day!" He was so pumped!

So he could have a hand in it, I asked him to decorate the back and he wrote a big 100! Pretty good job! He said that everyone loved it at school. The best part was that we used washable markers and it all came out in the laundry. So next year, when he out grows this size of under shirt, we will just make a new one! 

Thanks for checking it out!

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