Olive Vinyl Ottoman Redo

I have this hideous olive green ottoman (circa 1962?) for about seven years awaiting me to recover it. I did a pretty half hearted Google search to try and actually figure out just how old this ottoman is. I was met with words like "vintage", "mid century", and "retro" and no actual date. It has been moved around and stored a few times. My royal pregnant-ness was feeling the need for a foot propping aid. Luckily (but not really), one of my favorite fabric stores is closing. I got remnant upholstery fabric and batting super cheap at 60% off of the tagged price.  I kind of winged it on how much fabric I needed and just crossed my fingers.

-ugly old ottoman ($2)
-batting (doubled over) ($2)
-upholstery fabric ($3)
-staple gun and lots-O-staples (on hand)
 I laid out the doubled over batting and started pulling it tight and stapling at opposite sides. Luckily my ottoman has a nice wooden bottom.

 I continued doing this until it was nice and smooth. I stapled one side then pulled taut and stapled directed across from it.

Something like 50 staples later it looked like this.

I trimmed the extra away.

Then I had a huge marshmallow and almost considered leaving it like this. Not really, dog hair sticks to batting like crazy.
Yay! Cheapo fabric!

I did the exact same process with the fabric. I totally lucked out with having enough fabric.

Stage 1 of stapling. I was going for a smoother look than what I got but I kind of like the pleated look I ended up with.

Marvelous! The whole process might have taken 20 minutes.

 Comfy stuff. Prego piggies and Jackson approved. No really, he was totally impressed. And just ignore the hideous entertainment center wire fest to the right. I am still trying to figure out an attractive solution to the whole Ode to the Television area.
Thanks for checking it out!
Love, B

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