Transportation Backpack Tags

Our schedules change often. While I keep regular work hours my husbands vary. This presents a problem when school came around. We were fretting over how to keep it all straight not only for Gavin's teacher but also for Gavin! My husband had this brilliant idea of laminated tags that clip to his backpack that could be changed out as needed. Gosh, I love him. I jumped at the opportunity to make something. They were pretty easy if you have some simple computer skills and access to a laminator. I am sure that can be done at Staples pretty cheap or these self stick labels seem like they would work too.

I made these in Photoshop. I had Gavin help pick out pictures that would be significant to him. I love that he chose a picture of Mary Poppins for the babysitter badge! Then I made one just with lines so we could write on it with a marker if he was going to go home with a classmate or something one day. The hubby laminated them for me then punch the holes.

I purchased a key chain kit in the craft department at Walmart and threaded a ring and a clip on to each tag. Then I slid one of the rings to his handle of his backpack.

I clipped the unused tags onto the refrigerator for easy access. Aww, look Gavin's first photo in the hospital. *Sniff sniff tear

His teacher seemed really happy with our system! We went ahead and printed extras just in case one gets lost or damaged. Who knows what can happen by the end of the school year.
Thanks for checking it out!
Love, Brooke

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