My 31st Birthday Part 2

The best part of a birthday is the excuse to get together with friends and family. I am blessed with some amazing people in my life. It will never be under appreciated when people make time in their busy schedules to be a part of my life.

After a long day at the St. Louis Zoo and some time in the pool, we had an appetite for something wonderful for dinner! We went to The Melting Pot in University City. We shared laughs and conversation over melted cheesy and chocolate goodness. It was a wonderful dinner. It is pricey but there is something special about it. Just once, go and enjoy yourself. Take a bunch of friends with you too.
Our little family. The kids loved The Melting Pot!

 My sister Ashley and her hubby AJ. I am so glad that they both could make it! I haven't ever seen AJ so excited!

And through the steamy fog: My best friends, Reid and Jessica Torbeck.
Thanks to all of you for making my birthday so incredibly special. I felt very loved.

We all took home a box of chocolate covered straberries that were unbelievable. Yay for The Melting Pot!

The next day we planned to go to the St. Louis Arch. Unfortunately it was crazy cloudy, cold and slightly drizzly. We nixed it. Not wanting the fun to stop, we went stopped for mini golf and go carts in Collinsville, IL.

This is after she lost her ball. Attitudes went downhill quickly after that.
 Well, not Gavin's. He is always pretty happy.
I won mini golf....like always.

..but lost the race.

It was a great birthday weekend. We had a fun time as a family. I have some really special friends and sister.

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