Gypsy Caravan St. Louis Road Trip

Today we traveled I-55 to St. Louis to celebrate a day off from work together. Nothing like a beautiful day and a little road trip to make a little family memories.

Destination: St. Louis, MO.
Objective: Gypsy Caravan. \
Soundtrack: XM 90's on 9 and John Mayer's new album Born and Raised

This is my third Gypsy Caravan and the boys' first. I was a little nervous that they wouldn't enjoy it since it was technically shopping. They loved it though! Winner winner!

 Gypsy Caravan is a flea market/craft/antique fair that raises money for the STL Symphony. It is held every year on Memorial Day. This year there was a large increase in vendors, from what I could tell. It had expanded into additional lots of the University of Missouri St. Louis campus. They had also doubled the entrance fee from $5 to $10. I was a little put off by the doubling increase and from the talk around the Caravan so were the patrons (and the vendors). I had been prepared for the increase since I checked the website the night before. For a patron that hadn't I would have been pretty mad about it. That aside, it is a nice little open air shopping experience.

My personal favorite being the handcrafted vendors that sit at home in their little "studios" sewing, gluing, stirring, and molding little wonderful treasures. Conveniently, they put all these nifty little vendors together on one strip of walk way. As you jump from one carefully thought out and planned booth to another, you see a little piece of each individual in every item they make, each unique display and every neat little hang tag.

I also love the shabby chic upcycled furniture and home decor. The fun of searching for treasures in the antique booths and digging through costume jewelry for that one unique item. The beautiful handcrafted jewelry that are so different in each booth. My favorite items I saw were recycled typewriter keys made into necklaces and rings.

Stick em' up!

Cooling off in the open fire hydrant.

I tried to get a soaking wet smile but he was just too distracted with having fun.

A tigers blood icee to round to make the walk back to the car a little more enjoyable.

On the way home we stopped by The Pink Elephant Antique mall at Livingston, IL. It was, unfortunately, closed but we got to see some fun things anyway. That half naked man is 24 feet tall by the way. I was curious. I thought you might be too.

Lots of HUGE and ODD things like a space ship. It was green. Gavin was smitten.

 ..a big pink elephant...
..an enormous tricycle...
...and a rather large ice cream cone that you can buy ice cream from. (It was open.)
Gavi actually took this picture. Look! I am actually in a photo!

Tomorrow, I will share my treasures I brought home.

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