Rubber Stamp Fun

Stamps are easy cheap fun that make you feel like you've really done something. Even if you aren't super creative or artsy you can make some great paper crafts from some cute stamps. Here is my small collection! I buy cheapies at Michael's. I love it when I get them for a dollar. Sometimes I can even get the little ink pads for a buck. Can't pass up a deal like that!
My new favorite stamp! It's a Jackson stamp!
This came in a three stamp kit with a small ink pad all for a buck. Bargain city.
Some other cuties.
Perfect for thank you cards! Purchase some card stock and invitation size envelopes and make your own!
So sweet. I love so many wonderful people. This is for you.

This is a pretty butterfly stamp. I actually paid full price for this one. $5 I think.
I colored this one with some plain ol' markers! I found these small letter stamps for buck too! They have really come in handy. This margarita stamp was an ebay score. It had said "fiesta" underneath it. I cut that off with my exacto knife and removed it from the mounting so I could just have the drink.
Gift tags? Sure! You can make stationary too. Just get some nice paper and stamp something cute in the corner. Then write your letter!

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