I don't care....(but I do)


Everyone has had these moments. They are those horrible instances that put a lump in your throat and make your stomach feel like it just dropped through your knees. When if you are in front of someone you have to try and pull yourself together fast while thoughts rampage through your brain one hundred miles an hour. Your pulse quickens, your breathing stops and for one quick moment you have to remind yourself to function. I hate these moments. It is like missing that last step at the bottom of the stairs. That split second when you fear that you will either die or get hurt really badly. I am always amazed at how the body reacts to emotion. Maybe I am merely describing a panic attack.
The new method of delivery: facebook. Oh, facebook, how I loathe and love thee. Truth is that those moments aren't as bad as they seem. It just feels so awful because of how private your thoughts are and there is nowhere to scream. My goodness, how good it would feel to scream sometimes. Right?
I hope that when I scream, you feel it in your soul.

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