Everything Changes.

I have been almost completely absent from the online world. My google reader is filled to the brim with unread blog posts, my facebook is piled up with missed notifications and messages, all my email accounts had tons of unread emails, and I have failed to post on my blog in over three weeks. This is just my online life. You should see my house. *wink, wink*

Why the sudden change? I took a job. A full time grown up job with a great company called Primo Designs. They do custom screenprinting and embroidery. I had applied for a design position but was later informed that when I applied the position had already been filled. They offered me a spot in the embroidery department. At first I was let down. I was actually really disappointed. I have been hoping for a good job in my field for a while. Then I realized that a job is a job and that this is something I might actually like. Plus, if the opportunity ever arose that they were in need of some help in the graphics department I would hopefully get a shot at it. So off I went to work.

I am going to underplay this part a bit but I was heartsick over leaving Gavin. I am better now but oh how this broke my little heart. I think all is good now. Most of the time, anyway.

Come to find out they are a great company to work for. They seem very family oriented and have been able to work with my schedule on picking up Gavin when I need to. That is such a big deal. I enjoy the people I work with. That can make or break a job sometimes. I have a great time at work though. The woman I work with is cheerful, friendly, and fun to spend the day with. We keep busy and the day goes by fast. I am learning quickly despite a few hang ups here and there.

This has certainly changed things around here though! I am finally getting used to the sleep schedule. I am in bed by 11pm every night if not earlier. Waking up at 7:30 or 8 on Saturday and Sunday feels like sleeping in. My time with Gavin is more valuable and I have been avoiding getting online because I can't be on here for just a few minutes. I am an online addict. I mean there is blogging, of course, which I love. Then facebook and all my email accounts. I just can't keep up. In between cooking dinner and throwing in laundry I can't find time to squeeze in online activites or even crafting for the time being. Hopefully it will all balance itself out. I look forward to finding a way to do it because I miss it! I miss writing and crafting and sharing it!

So today I will share with you some things I have worked on the last few weeks.
A cane handled granny square bag that isn't quite finished.
A bridal shower gift that I embroidered at work with the brides new initials. I filled it with Bath and Body Works new fragrance Pink Chiffon and a pretty black and pink nighty.We bought a new ride. LOVE IT!
It fits the whole family and maybe room for one more if there ever were one more.
Gavin's awesome Valentine for school.

And a retirement party invite for one of my dad's friends/coworker.

Yay! Life has been busy for sure! It is getting busier by the minute. Next weekend is the Spring Fling (I think that is what it is called) at the Nickerbob's Craft Mall that I have a booth at. I realized, almost too late, that my things aren't really SPRINGY! Crochet scarves are pretty seasonal. So, I am attempting to think of things to make to put in there for the new season. I might either remove or mark down the wintery scarves that are left. I don't know. I should've been planning for this! I'll think of something.


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