What I made for Christmas!

There is a wonderful feeling that I get when I come up with ideas to make things for the people I love. I seriously try to think of things that people will use as often as possible. I love to give crochet items like hats, mittens and scarves knowing that they will be keeping the people I love warm in these dreary Illinois winters. I did make a few things this year that actually weren't crocheted! Shocker, I know.

I was inspired by these beautiful jewelry holders I found on etsy to make for my cowgirl sister and our cousin Molly.

I bought a plaque in the unfinished wood section at the Hob Lob. I painted them with craft paint in a pretty bright pink. After a couple coats of paint I did the lettering. That was a learning experience. I hammered two picture hangers (with the teeth on the back. With some happy hubby help, screwed in the eye screws to hold earrings and cup hooks for necklaces and bracelets.

I thought they were pretty cute!

I made a few sets of marble magnets. These were a hit with my family. I used this tute. I bought a bag of large flat floral glass marbles at The Dollar Tree and magnets from Walmart. (Mine could've been stronger. I recommend strong round magnets.) I had Modge Podge and scrapbook paper on hand. I just drew around the marbles and then cut inside the line, applied Modge Podge with a foam brush to marble and lined up and stuck on the paper. I considered Modge Podge again but decided it didn't matter.

I used some heavy duty super tack craft glue. This took a couple days to dry completely.

I wanted to make some cute packaging too. I used some tiny zip bags and cut card stock to fit inside, stamped them with a design and some lettering stamps.

I stuck them in their little bags in sets of three.

Wouldn't these be cute with pictures instead of scrapbook paper?

I sewed hot/cold rice packs! I used this tute as a guide.

Despite my mediocre sewing skills they turned out pretty nifty.

Then my favorite might be these leg warmers recycled from sweaters! So adorable with boots. They were surprisingly easy to make. I made 7 pairs of leg warmers from 3 sweaters in about 1 1/2 hours.

I used this tute as a guide! Leg warmers are great for tall boots. You can decorate them with buttons, ruffles, contrast stitching, & lace. I love these. too bad I don't own a pair of rocking tall boots!

I did give my granny a huge green dish scrubbie that was crocheted. It was a request I was happy to fill.

There are two projects I didn't finish. Enter sad music here. Well, hopefully I can finish those up and get them to their prospective owners soon. It was a busy December for me! I am pretty happy with what I did accomplish!

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