Valentine's Day Gift Tutorial: 52 Reasons I Love You

I made this little book in 2009 as a little Valentine's Day gift for Tanner. I think I saw something similar on craftster.org that sparked but I don't remember exactly where. I thought it was a great way to tell him how I feel about him.
I made it from a well worn deck of cards that he had taught me to play rummy on. (I also bought him a new deck.)
Some are just honest tidbits.
Some are funny.

Some are really personal and all of them are true.

So if you are looking for that sweet Valentine's gift this is it. Who doesn't love having a reminder of how much they mean to someone else? Super easy to make Valentine's Day gift! Here is the quick rundown of how I went about it.


-scrapbook or construction paper
-Modge Podge
-foam brush
-hole punch
- deck of cards
-clips to hold them together (I used two key chain rings from the craft dept at Walmart)

Step one:
Write out any reasons why you love him. Ideas: things he does for you, things you find attractive about him, dates you went on, things he did without asking, how sexy he is doing the dishes or doing the laundry (including putting it away), playing with your kids....etc. I advise getting more than 52 so you can pare down to the 52 best ones.

Step two:
Cut 53 squares of paper that will fit on your cards. Write out your "cover" card and your 52 reasons. Doesn't have to be fancy. You could print them out but I think it makes it more personal to write them yourself.

Step three:
Organize your cards by suite and alternate red and black suites. Open modge podge, dip your brush, scrape off excess, brush card, stick your prewritten square, swipe modge podge on top of square. *Make sure you cover has the outside label on one side and reason #1 on the other so you have a reason on every card and don't come up short. Let dry the recommended time on bottle of modge podge.

Step four:
Punch two holes in a card and use this as a template for the rest of the cards so all holes line up. Thread onto binding/key chain.

We leave our sitting out next to some framed photos. The kids like to read it and I pick it up every once in a while to refresh my memory on why I love him. *wink wink

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