Recycled jeans into yarn!

I've been saving worn out jeans for a few years. It seems a shame to toss so much fabric. I thought I could crochet a denim rug. I haven't made anything since before Christmas so I have been feeling the bug.

Jackson was doing this on the couch when I walked into the living room. I thought I'd share his cuteness.

First, I turned the jeans inside out.

I trimmed the bottom cuff first then went up both inner and outer seams removing the seam completely.

I trimmed around the front pockets. Then around the butt part salvaging as much fabric as possible. I considered getting out the seam ripper and removing the pockets. Then I decided I didn't want to so I cut them out.

Here is all my nice salvaged denim fabric.

Here is all my leftovers.

I cut some slits to use as a guide, making the slits about an inch apart.


To connect the strips into one long strip, I cut a small slit in the end of each individual strip.

Then you place the hole of one strip on top of the whole of another strip.

Take the other end of the adjoining strip and pull it through both holes.

Pull flat and taa daa! A lovely flat join.

Here is my ball from one pair of size awesome jeans. Rug begins tomorrow! If I can find my big hook. If you see her send her home. She has work to do.



  1. What did you do with the pockets you cut off? If you didn't throw them away and aren't using them for anything I would love to have them.

  2. This is absolutely great idea! Do you mind if I will use this to translate to different language and share with others?
    Best regards - Magdalena DT DIY.