Recipe: Make your own butter!

Making your own butter it actually really easy. You can make it with a mixer or a jar with a couple marbles thrown in and share the fun with the kiddos.

I am getting more and more disgusted about all the processed foods that we feed our families. Someone once told me that the ingredients to make fake butter (or margarine) were one ingredient shy of being plastic.

I don't know if that is true but one look at the ingredients list proves I have no idea what I am eating or feeding my family for that matter.

Honestly, I would rather eat a few more calories than ingest something I cannot pronounce. Especially, since we use very little butter on things anyway.I bought 1 pint of heavy whipping cream.

To be fair, here is the list of ingredients on the whipping cream.
I poured it into my mixing bowl.
I whipped it on high until it turned into whipped cream. Add a little sugar and you don't need to buy the stuff filled with oil to put on your pumpkin pie anymore either.
Whip some more until it begins to look a little bit separated.
Then, all of a sudden, when your back is turned, you will have butter! (Well, that is what happened to me.)
Wipe your beater clean with clean hands, squeezing out the extra butter milk.
I had prepared a little ice water that I could dunk it in if I thought it was getting melty while I kneaded out the buttermilk
Place on a clean tea towel
You will have some buttermilk left in your bowl that you can use for something else. Pancakes perhaps?
wrap it up to absorb the remaining buttermilk.Mmmmm fresh home made butter.
Sprinkle in a bit of salt and mix it up. Give it a taste.

Or make some toast!

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