Preparing for the craft mall

In about a week, I will be sharing space at a craft mall called Nickerbob's with a couple talented ladies. It is a great location off the I-55 about fifteen minutes south of Springfield, IL. I went there a while back to see if there were any competition for the type of things I make. Not really. There were some crocheted items but nothing like what I make. So I am hopeful it I will do well there.

I haven't been making much to get prepared for this but I do have a lot already made. The wind is little out of my sails right now. Sales were pretty awful this year. This craft mall opportunity is sort of my last effort as far as selling anything. Since I truly enjoy making things and want to continue making things I really want it to do well.

I have been trying to plan a display set up in my head but I won't know until I get there unless it will work or not. I struggle with the proper way to display scarves and hats. I don't want to lay them out on a table. How do you make people understand what a circle scarf is if you aren't there to demonstrate it?

I am to the point in TaaDaa that I feel like it isn't fun anymore. I don't have the encouragement of sales to keep me going. I told myself that I would give a three month hard try on the etsy shop and if nothing happened I would move on. January marks that end. So the etsy shop is coming down as of January 31st.

I am fighting a bout of uncreativness every since Christmas. I have list of unfinished projects that are looming at me. I have two graphic clients that need attention but my ongoing funk leaves me staring at a blank computer screen or a jumble of unrealized ideas. I need to clear out my brain and get back my mojo. My confidence is low because I have spent too much time comparing myself to others. I feel mediocre in everything I do.

I have to stop letting my joy go. I need to be excited for this new opportunity. I am trying and if it doesn't go over, well, it is time to move on.


  1. Brooke, you do beautiful work! There is a market out there, you just need to find it. I think this craft mall will be a great opportunity. Things always sell better when people can see and touch, not just look at pics on the internet. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Angela! I hope it works out well for all of us!