My OBSESSION with Kevin Smith and The Pioneer Woman.

Warning: This post has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I usually talk about. No crafts or recipes. No how tos or links to my etsy shop. I just miss writing. Ramble on, I will. :D

I have, on occasion, gotten a little celebrity obsessed. It started when I was about 11 with a boy named Jonathan Brandis. I watch "Ladybugs" so many times I don't think I will ever be able to watch it again. Then it was Jim Carrey, Leonardo, probably a Brad Pitt moment, oh and that early twenties love for Dave Matthews. It might have been 50% boy craziness and 50% curiosity. Well, probably more like 95% boy crazy and 5% curiosity. Not all the time though. I was in love with Jessica Simpson back when she and Nick were all happy and on MTV. My new reality couple is Tori and Dean. I didn't even know I liked it that much. (Almost afraid to admit it to myself, I think.) Then one day there was a marathon and I couldn't pull myself off the couch. I love that he calls her "T". Anyhoo....

I like to learn things about people. Tidbits about lives I'll never have anything to do with. Like the fact that Brad and Jen were both smokers. Jen reportedly quit but Angie makes Brad go outside for a smoke. Useless information. Why do I need to know that? I don't know. I don't need to know it. It may not even be true. Somewhere, probably a discarded InTouch in the break room at Value City, I gained that useless knowledge.

In 1992, Jonathan Brandis era, I got my information from library Tiger Beat magazines. These days you are a Google away from a wide variety of information about people you will never ever meet. Then, if the have a blog, Twitter, facebook AND wrote a book about themselves you can go on and on feeding that weird obsession for days. WEEKS! Or years as this Kevin Smith thing has been going. I liked Silent Bob before I knew he was the brains behind it all. I can't quite explain it. It has grown into this weird affection (or infection). What is the difference anyway?


Girls never get my Kevin Smith love. I don't know nor care why. I just usually keep it on the DL around them. I think its because of his semi gross humor that most women just don't like. I'm an odd bird, I suppose. I love his cleverness. On the other hand, when I meet a guy that loves him we instantly get along. I become that rare girl that just gets it. I have seen and own every film. Some twice. I also own two of his books I believe a new book comes out in March!) and listen to his SMODcast and SIR. (Thank goodness for the Plus One show. It made me like his wife, Jen. before that I was plotting her death.) I wrote an article about his new approach to promoting his recent film "Red State" in my column for my Alma mater's newspaper. I joined twitter just to comment on and keep up with his posts. I love his comedy shows which is basically him telling stories in that cleverly funny way of his. I love it. I go back and forth over which one is my favorite. I love them all to some degree. Each movie speaks to me differently at different times in my life. It isn't what you always expect either or what you are used to in film. It can be light hearted and heavy hearted. It can be silly and serious. What I have come to learn about Kevin Smith movies is this: they may be rude and crude but there is heart to each and everyone of them.

One night, I had a some wine, had just finished watching "Chasing Amy". In awe of his clever writing and balance of emotion and humor, I thought to myself, ya know, I love this guy. I'm going to write a fan letter. Now, I am a little shamed to say that. I mean, seriously, for me that crosses the line into crazy town. Only because a celeb doesn't really need me blowing sunshine at them on the wild off chance that it was actually ever read. They probably pay people to do that for them. I mean I am just some small time, small town girl that hasn't even been to LA. Actually, I haven't been further past the MI river than Galveston, TX. As suspected, I never heard a thing back. And that's all fine. He is a busy man that probably never even laid eyes on my silly gushing girl letter. I still love him and will see every movie he makes. Which from the sound of things won't be many more. :( Sad face.


Now, with The Pioneer Woman, aka Ree Drummond, she is my blogging queen. I love red heads for starters but I love her writing style and how she photographs her kids and basset hound, Charlie. Plus, she does these awesome, detailed food posts. Mmmmmm.....be still my wildly beating heart. I love food. I love cooking it, smelling it, preparing to cook it. I believe I heard someone else call it food porn. It so is. I just finished reading her book "The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels-A Love Story" last Friday. It is this lovely little story about how she met her husband, married him and had his baby. There are even recipes at the end of the book. I have bought three tubes of Maybelline lipstick (it is actually really great lipstick) and pine over a pair of $300 Frye boots because of her. I have a green dutch oven that looks just like the one she carries on the cover of her first cookbook. (That might have been a subconscious thing when I requested green.) While I don't own her cook book, (the second of which comes out in March) I have made her pecan pie that is absolutely to die for and I pin just about any of her recipes that make me salivate just looking at the pictures, on Pintrest. Much to my surprise, there are P-Dub haters out there. A whole website that is dedicated to hating her. (What a waste of Internet space that is.) If you don't like her, don't read her blog. That is pretty easy. I like her and look forward to each new blog post. She is inspiring to me. I don't know why anyone would take all that so seriously? Blogging is fun. If she can make millions of dollars off of it, good for her. Who doesn't want to make money doing what they love?

Maybe someday I will get to cook dinner with Ree at the Lodge or watch a movie with Kevin(and Jen, I suppose.) Invite me over! I'll make pie! I think we all know that is highly unlikely but a girl can dream.

So here we are. Three months into our blogging relationship and I have finally shown my crazy. Do you still love me? Hope so!

Love ,

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