Loving Pintrest!

I am in love with Pintrest. I mean head over heels, L-O-V-E, clicking my heels together, love. It is a wealth of information and inspiration. I thought I would share my most recent Pintrest achievements.
I have trouble finding pants in approriate lengths for my shortness. I need new jeans terribly bad and settled for a pair of regular instead of short. Four inches too long. I spent $30 plus on jeans that didn't fit right. How stupid. Luckily, I came upon this pin from Cardigan Empire.

By golly, it worked perfectly. It only took about 20 minutes to do too.

I also have a stash of shirts that are just a tad too snug in the back of my closet. I came across this pin from crafterhours and had an "ah-HA!" moment.

I brought my favorite of all and added some panels to the sides. It so worked perfectly too! I couldn't be more thrilled. I was worried that it wouldn't look right but it looks like it is supposed to be there all along! Plus it was 100% cotton shirt that shrunk and I added jersey panels! Now it has some give so I don't feel uncomfortable wearing it. It was a quick job as well! Only took me about 30 min.

And just for fun, I found this shirt:

my pin
Well, its true.



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