I heart apple butter.

It has been a week without a computer. My well intentioned cutie pie had grabbed my power cord and used it as a snake. By the time I needed the cord/snake my computer was dinging at me.

computer: Only 12% power left. Plug in your computer...
me: In a minute.
computer: Only 9% power left. Plug in your computer...
me: sheesh. Gavin! I need my cord!
I find cord in the floor of the living room. Run to the computer. I mean, I am doing important things here. I am pinning on Pintrest for goodness sakes!
Push in the cord. It falls out.
me: seriously? (I talk to myself a lot)
Plug it in again. It falls out again.
me: You've got to be kidding me! (I might be a little hysterical by this time.)
Plug it in again and I realize it won't go all the way in. Jam. Jam. Jammy, jam.
No go. I peer inside. Did you know that inside your plug is a very tiny, thin needle that must plug into your computer. If this itty bitty needle breaks off inside the plug, it renders your once highly functional charger completely useless? Well, mine does.
me: (as the little needle falls out to the table) crap.
$70 to replace from HP. No thanks.
$10 on ebay and a week of waiting. Thank you very much.

No Gavins were harmed in this story. Accidents happen but we don't turn Mama's cords into snakes anymore. Plus, a week without the computer means I got some other things done. Like reading "The Secret Garden" on my new Kindle Touch (I love that classics like these are free!) and "The Pioneer Woman:vBlack Heels to Tractor Wheels--A Love Story". I love her and this was a good read.

Despite the unseasonably warm and sunshiny weather,I have been in a grump this weekend. Sunshine usually makes me pretty cheery. (Especially in January.) We have been going to the park, walking the little loop with my sniffin' hound but I'm still feeling blah. Today, when we got back I was starving. I can be an emotional eater. Now, not like I binge on anything and everything that is in the cabinet but more like comfort food. Like that pot roast, chicken and dumplings, the perfect mashed potatoes or soft cinnamony oatmeal raisin cookies. Food that brings up memories of someone making that for you. Someone that loves you.

I self medicated with apple butter.

We had stopped by the Nickerbob's craft mall just off I-55 to check out where I will be selling some TaaDaa goodies come February. Like a beacon to my soul stood a Plank's canned yummies display. Jams, jellies, pickled this and that, and a variety of mustards that, much to my surprise, made realize just how much I like mustard.

And apple butter. I love apple butter.

I have never made this delicious cinnamony applely yummines but my mom did once. Every time I crack open a jar I think about the late summer when my mom made apple butter. We were living out by our family farm in a little farm house that had a big fruitful apple tree. It was when things were easier. It was before I had to grow up too fast. It was before my world got changed forever and feelings were hurt forever. It was before irreconcilable differences...and the even more confusing remarriage. It is the last time I remember feeling like a kid. A goofy, silly, fun having kid.

My sister and I would climb that tree and eat apples whenever we felt like it. We'd run wild in the pastures and play in the creek. We were carefree kids. That is what apple butter makes me think of. Plus, it tastes sooo good on buttery toast with a glass of milk.

You know what else cheers me up?

This face:


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