Happy New Year!

I thought we might have a Sunday morning coffee date. Go pour a new cup of joe and let us catch up!

I have been enjoying Christmas vacation! I love waking up with my kiddo knowing we can hang in our jammies all day if we so choose (and some days we do.)

It has been pretty exciting around here with our new doggie family member.

Well, it isn't all the time exciting. There is a lot of napping.
Jackson has made himself right at home. While I am still trying to figure out what he needs sometimes, we are definitely getting to know each other. Gavin and I made a trip to see my family and introduce them to Jackson. As predicted, they all loved him. Well, almost. Dad said that he didn't "not like him" but that is about the best you can ask for with Dad. Thanks for letting my dog in your house, Dad. We spent some time at Grandma Betty's and he loved her fenced in back yard. He tried to make friend with her Sheltie, Muffin, but he wasn't interested.

He is pretty much adorable. Jackson loves everyone and will be your BFF if you give him a good belly rub.

Mom and Gavi attempted to put together a gingerbread barn that didn't really work out. The roof kept caving in. Fortunately, Gavin's favorite part of building gingerbread anything is eating it so he wasn't to disappointed when he could skip the whole building part and go straight into the eating part. We watched episodes of "Property Bothers" on HGTV and I dreamed of moving closer to my family into a slightly bigger square footage house with a nicely fenced in back yard for my frolicking basset hound and children. Then I woke up from my day dreaming and built this awesome castle with Gavin.

We had a playdate with some beautifully sweet & funny twin girls! Happily I got to spend time with my BFF Jessica. I have missed them all so much. I love seeing our kids get to know each other, watching them play and laugh together makes my heart so happy.

Mom and I got pedicures.

My toes are beautiful and I hate that I can't show them off in some sweet flip flops.

Damn you winter. Flashbulb Fuchsia by OPI is my new favorite polish. We had a great time laughing and visiting. The ladies at Skin Deep in Vandalia did a fabulous job.

Then I got to enjoy some girl time with my friend Amanda. We made a trip to the movies to see "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Such a great movie (and book!) We got to catch up and talk about our awesome Christmases. I so value kid free grown up time. As much as I loooove my Gavin it is good to be reminded that I can talk about things other than Optimus Prime and constantly repeating "pick up your toys".

New Years was extremely low key this year. As the wife of a restaurant manager you miss out on holidays such as New Years and Valentine's day. I finished up 2011 by watching the last couple episodes of season two of "LOST" and nursing an awful cold. Today, I am hoping to get together some goals for 2012! Something along the lines of the usual exercise more, eat better, visit somewhere new, and find that perfect job. We shall see 2012! You better be good to me.

Happy New Year ALL!
Love, B

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