DIY: Make your own foam soap!

I have been making my own foam soap refills for years. I prefer foam soap but it runs out so quickly. I came up with this easy solution that only uses 3 table spoons of regular hand soap. That is super cheap. I big jug of liquid hand soap will last our family a whole year. Sometimes I use the non-moisturizing body washes to make the refill. Then you can have a pretty scent just like Bath and Body Works foamy soap for a fraction of the price. If you use the moisturizing kind it can clog up your dispenser.

What you need:
-empty foam dispenser
-regular liquid soap refill or body wash of choice
-table spoon (I couldn't find my actual table spoon measuring spoon so I just used the big spoon out of the drawer
-3/4 cup water

measure out 3 Tbs of liquid soap and put it in the dispenser

mark a line with a Sharpie so next time you go to make it you don't have to measure it!

gently add 3/4 cup water and mark it again. You don't want to fill it too full because when you put the pump in the water level will rise. Gently shake.

and done. Foamy soap!

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