Last minute Christmas!

This has been a crazy busy December. It always sneaks up on me. I am frantically trying to finish up those great ideas I had in the beginning of the month for gifts. Nothing like the last minute! I snipped my finger last night with my super sharp fabric scissors hurrying along and not being careful. I am already a little clumsy but sheesh! Now I have a lame finger and I am attempting to get all these things done. I like watching the list get shorter though! Unfortunately, I need to go to the store and do the last of the grocery shopping and pick up a couple more presents. It is going to be a mad house! I can't wait until Christmas Eve when I can sit and enjoy it!

On top of all that, we have been searching for the perfect doggie for our family. Gavin has asked for a REAL dog. After some careful consideration, we think our family is ready for another addition. We researched breeds not wanting something big like a lab and not wanting something annoying like a Chihuahua. I have always liked Jack Russel terriers but found that they aren't always great with kids and can be a little ball of energy. We are pretty laid back folk. Enter the basset hound. Great with children, happy go lucky personality, laid back and stubborn. Just like me. My heart beats wildly. I love those long ears and sleepy eyes. We have been cramming all you can find out about bassets and began filling out applications for rescue shelters and foster homes. Last night, we received a phone call from one of the rescue places! It was a serious interview. The initial dog we had listed as our pick was adopted on Monday but we found another possibility that is only 30 minutes away! So we are waiting for a call back from the foster parents. We are hoping to be able to visit him today! The kids still have no idea and I think Tanner has visions of our new family member under the tree Christmas morning with a big ol' bow around his neck! Cute as pie, I know. Needless to say, we are very anxious to find out! I am anxious about all the unknowns. I have never lived with a dog before. I am worried about the drool, smell, hair, accidents, and whether or not they fit in with our family...etc. But I am very optimistic and excited to have a new buddy.

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