Oh Christmas Tree!

The shopping is just about finished here! I have a couple loose ends to tie up and a few Brookemade gifts to finish but we did a pretty good job this year! Amazon and Old Navy are our big time savers. We order online and it is shipped straight to the house. I can wrap as they come in. It is wonderful. After tonight, my tree hopefully won't be so naked underneath!

My cutie pie in front of our tree. He sings this all the time "Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! You are so grade and lobby!" at the top of his little voice. I almost pee my pants from laughter. I'm not even sure what the real words are anymore. Too funny.

I'm sure everyone has some favorite ornaments on their tree. I thought I'd share the special ones I love!
My first Christmas! - 1981

Also a gift from my MIL, "our 1st home" ornament
Gavin's first Christmas! This was a gift from my aunt Becky! It is a baby's rattle with a snowglobe top. I love putting on this ornament. It gets front and center every year.
My first Christmas as a mama! Itty bitty one month old Gavin!
My mom gave us this one last year. It is such a sweet idea. It opens and has little strips of paper to write messages on and leave inside.
A favor from my cousin's wedding.
The hat ornament I made from this post.
This was a cheap ornament but I love it. Its a beautiful red and sparkly!
A little stocking that holds my engagement ring box. We were engaged on the 22nd of December and he had hid it in the tree! So I kept the box in there as a sweet memory.
We have a few Cubs ornaments thanks to my mother-in-law!

A pretty gold butterfly my mama got me. I love butterflies!
Our wimpy Christmas card collection this year. I don't know what the deal is. Isn't anyone sending cards out? Two of those are from the same Grandma (she sent one with puppies on it just for Gavi!) I love getting fun mail like holiday cards. I hope I get some more this week!
Our Christmas card this year! We took a few different kinds of pictures! We couldn't help but put the goofy one on the card. The kids loved it so much. Can you see those big smiles?

Here let me help you.

Now that is what Christmas is about. Having fun with the ones you love.
Our home all decorated!
Merry Christmas!

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