Christmas memories.

We celebrated both of my lovely grandmother's birthdays last Sunday. I have the best grandmas a girl could ask for. They are both sweet, loving, and supportive women.

My Grandma Linda was a big Christmas lover when I was growing up. She changed her curtains, bathroom decor, rugs, and even the toilet paper said "Ho, ho, ho!". Every table had at least three animated little vinettes. My favorite was a little house that lit up, sang "Up On the Rooftop" while Santa circled the house on his sleigh. Each room had lights and poinsettas. She went all out. It truly made Christmas magical to go to her house. As her and Grandpa have gotten older they tell us we are lucky they got the tree up. She is a funny lady. She does have a few animated things she sets out still. She had a lot of fun sharing them with Gavin. Grandma has alzheimers and while she is still highly functioning sometimes she gets confused and talks us in circles. Which makes her sad because she knows something isn't right. Gavin brings out that happy, smiley Christmas loving Grandma that I remember. They both light up at the singing snowman and she sings along and tries to get Gavin to sing.

Grandpa Bob, Grandma Linda & a possibly 3 year old me. 1984

My Grandma Betty has a beautiful home with a lovely fireplace. Each Christmas Eve, we visit her and there is always a fire going. There is always a huge spread of food. This side of the family isn't that big but the intimate gathering of people is so much fun. We laugh and play games, have a funny gag gift exchange. It might just be my favorite Christmas gathering. Grandma Betty is an onery girl and always has great gag gifts. One year my brother in law opened a pair of skimpy mens cheetah undies that she had brought. My brother in law is a big burly firefighter tough guy. It was hilarious. He has also conviently had to work every Christmas Eve since. What is more hilarious is the thought of my beautiful white haired granny at the check out with those crazy things!

gavin and Grandma Betty Christmas 2009

Nothing like some goofy glasses and a foam red nose to make the season bright!

I love sharing my grandmas with Gavin. He loves them just as much as I do and gets excited to visit them. The best part is seeing the women I have held so dearly to my heart fall in love with my favorite little man.

My little sister Ashley and I - Christmas 1987

My beautiful cousin Molly opened a collection of mustaches on a stick that I made for the gift exchange.

Mom opened a "jugs" shirt I made!

..and then my crazy wonderful sister had to try it on.

I hope you and your family get a chance to be together and be silly! Laugh and love each other! Being together as a family should be a fun time. You should leave the party feeling loved and blessed! If it isn't what is the point in being together?

Merry Christmas!

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