Why I make things...

I can't remember a time when I didn't have a desire to make things with my hands. I get itchy fingers to create. I see things and think to myself "I can make that." and I can.

I enjoy watching something come together and marvel that this product didn't exist until I made it.

I like trying new materials and new designs.

A surprising part of the process is where ispiration comes from like this Goodwill skirt that I made into a purse.

I like watching my son get excited about making things for people he loves.
He made this for his Aunt Ashley.

I appreciate the materials that I make things from and dabble in a lot of different things.
my embroidery floss collection. Some I have had since the days of pig tails and friendship bracelets!
a random craft drawer filled with Martha Stewart glitter, fabric paint, feathers, fabric dye, paint brushes and all purpose craft adhesive.
a tiny portion of my fabric stash.
a even tinier portion of my yarn stash.
my messy jewelry drawer.

I love my ever growing collection of creative books.

Sometimes I even draw. I have become far to protective of my drawing though. I have trouble with the criticisms. It only takes one negative comment for me to hide it from the world. Someone called this drawing that was very personal to me "hokey" and now I can hardly stand to look at it.

I even learned how to make wonderful things on a computer!

My favorite by far is to crochet.



this one makes me laugh. right after I took it he said "Mama, I'm in your picture!"

I make things because it makes me happy. It fills me with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I make things because I can. There are some people that can't and I think that is valuable. I write about it because I want to share the joy it gives me to make these things. I sell them because wouldn't life be glorious if we could all support our families by doing something that gives us great joy? I hope that someday I can. Any financial contribution I can give to my family would be satisfying! It is my personal dream to do that. Making things is who I am. If I am not making something I feel out of sorts. I have to always be exercising my creative brain. Sometimes it is successful and sometimes its not. Sometimes it is something I hope you can cherish forever. Either way I just can't help it and I will always be trying new things, experimenting and getting better with every stitch, bead, and button.


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  1. Aaw - this is so lovely!! :) Look at all the cute things you make! I make because, like you said, not everybody can - I feel lucky that I can, and that I love doing it. Like I'm more in touch with my ancestors/roots, or something? More connected to those days when everybody made their own clothes and scarves? :)