Weekend Review!

We stayed home all weekend. *sigh* It was glorious. One of those weekends where you take a shower and just put on clean, comfy pajamas. It was the best.

Friday night, it was just me and Gavin. We went grocery shopping that day and helped me put away everything when we got home. He is getting so big. I love having a little helper. To kick off our weekend we watched The Wizard of Oz. I showed him my impressive impression of the wicked witch melting. He liked it. After he went off to bed I made a present for a special someone. I can't give it to them for a bit so I am giving you a sneak peek but thats it. That is only because I am so super proud of how it turned out! It is so pretty.


When that was all done I still had creative itchy fingers. I began a new project that is also a gift. I am using an off set shell pattern from Oh My Good Knits! Hers is a beautiful shade of red. I am going with Spring Green!
I started watching Lost on Netflix streaming. I was hooked. I watched three episodes in a row.

Saturday, I drank a lot of coffee and finished up a book I was reading by Jaycee Dugard.
The poor girl that was abducted when I was 10. She was 11. I fretted over it back then. Now, reading her story in her own words my heart breaks. She has an amazing attitude about the tragedy that she lived through. Her book is definitely titled properly. A Stolen Life. She has turned her new chance at life into an opportunity to help others. The JAYC Foundation supports people recovering from abduction and traumatic experiences. You can help by donating or purchasing a pinecone necklace. The pinecone is a symbol to Jaycee that she explains its significance in her book. I also watched her interview with Diane Sawyer on Hulu. It was good to see this beautiful woman, happy and moving on with her life. I can't even begin to imagine what it all must be like for her. It all really touched my heart.

Gavin went searching for a sock. I found him like this.
He said he wanted a toasty one out of the dryer.

Sunday continued with more coffee. I am not much for flavored creamer but I tried a pumpkin spice creamer from Aldi based off a review that I can no longer find. I t had to be in either The Frugal Girl or The Smart Aldi Shopper blogs that I follow. Maybe not because I searched both their blogs and couldn't find the post.
It is pretty delicious. That is my favorite mug. It was given to me by my mom's church on my very first Mother's Day. It makes me smile.

I also threw some honey garlic chicken in the crockpot. It was so yummy.

I also crocheted some more...
Made some fantastic progress by the end of disc one of Dexter season 5. I know, I know. I am terribly behind.

Then we did a pre k family project that was so cute. We had to disguise a turkey so he wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. Gavin chose a green Power Ranger. Ugh. I asked him to rethink his choice and he landed on astronaut. (Thank goodness.) He turned out pretty cute. I made his suit while the boys painted coffee filter feathers.
We had to write up a story. I wrote exactly what Gavin told me to. Yes, it says chicken dinner. I asked him if he meant turkey dinner. He said no.

The boys played chess. I did not.

It was a nice easy going weekend for sure. Just how I like it.

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  1. Is it the offset shell addicting?! I can't believe how fast I've been working it. It's especially easy late at night when the kids are asleep and I'm watching good TV shows! That green is so vibrant and lovely. Can't wait to see the finished result!