Weekend Review: Where have I been? part 1

I haven taken this whole week off from blogging. I was so completely sick it isn't funny. Then, immediately following getting well, I had a five year old birthday to celebrate! So it has been a busy week since I last posted.

Here is the run down:

Sadly, at the end of last week, I had to pay my respects to another one of my close friend's fathers who had passed away. He was a great father and loving, proud grandfather to her son. It was an unexpected death which makes it tough. He was from South Carolina and belonged to and organization called The Sons of the Confederate Vetrans (I think.) There was a whole ceremony to celebrate his heritage. They were dressed in Confederate uniforms and did a gun salute. They even brought soil from his great grandfather's (who fought and died in the Civil War) home state to bury with him. What was so interesting is that this probably doesn't happen very often in Illinois. While it was a sad situation it was interesting to be a part of laying someone like him to rest.

On a happier note, my best friend married her sweetheart on 11-11-11 at 11am. They sprung this on us a couple weekends ago. Sometimes when it is time to get married you just got to go do it! So they pull together a sweet wedding. They kept it intimate celebrating with just there family. I think that makes it very personal it is adorably romantic. I am so unbelievably happy for them. She and I have been friends since we were five years old. She is like family to me and she deserves a long and happy marriage! I made her a hanky to carry on her wedding for all those happy tears. I"ll post more detail on that later.

There is much more to share but I think I will spread out the fun.

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