Tute Tuesday! Saltwater Kids Hot/Cold Packs


I love to do tutorials and show you how I make things. For now, I like the idea of sharing someone else work every other week. There are some very talented people out there who like to show you what they do too. Next week, I am planning on bringing you an easy way to make an ironing board cover but today I want to share with you a blog called Saltwater Kids.

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I found Saltwater Kids a couple months ago through Dollar Store Crafts. I fell in love with the simple design of the blog and the focus on children with great DIY tutorials. I loved the tutorial on how to make a fort kit. It served as great inspiration for a two year old twin's birthday gift.

My mom made Gavin (and myself) a corn bag that was a sewn pouch of flannel filled with seed corn that you could heat up in the microwave. He loved it. During the cold winter months we would heat it up and put in bed with him to keep him toasty warm. It became a sense of comfort for him when he was scared or sick. It is also great for achy backs or knees. Unfortunately, both our corn bags were taken from us by a house invader this summer. A mouse found both of our corn bags and thought they were great too! He chewed a hole in them and drug corn all over our house. Eew. I know. I hate mice.

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We are in need of a replacement and I thought I might give Saltwater Kids version a try! This version uses rice, flaxseed and peppermint oil! She even made them into little heart packs to give instead of Valentine candy. What I great idea! She also makes up awesome packaging. Love it.

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