Holiday shoppers, start your engines!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and is recovering quickly from their turkey hangovers. Gavin and I had pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream for breakfast. Delicious. We managed to save the last sliver of my fabulous pumpkin pie for Daddy.
The pies were a hit, by the way. The pecan didn't stand a chance. My mom had the first piece gone about 15 minutes after we walked through the door.

Today, is the infamous Black Friday. I am not a Black Friday shopper. For one, I am stuck fighting a cold and had to take my NyQuil last night. Secondly, I prefer to make things for people. Also, I would much rather do my shopping online and have it all delivered to my front door while I am comfy in my pjs playing with Gavin.

Have you seen the television adds by American Express for Small Business Saturday?

It is a fabulous idea. While I do not have a physical store people can walk into, I do have a little online shop to visit. From my own personal experience, there is something wonderful that happens when someone makes a purchase from you. There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment. It makes you want to make more things to make more people smile. There is a feeling of satisfaction and success in each sale no matter how small or large.

This afternoon, I listed a couple new beautiful scarves in my etsy shop. I hope you check them out and poke around.

purple scarf
I love this yarn I have been working with. The colors are so pretty and the texture is so soft and snugly. These circle scarves are so cozy and comforting.

black, purple, & aqua scarf

I have marked all my jewelry down to $3! Yep, you heard me, $3. Only, one dollar shipping on all jewelry too. Lets say you pick a bracelet & two pairs of earrings. Shipping is still only $1 for all of it. I will ship all orders made this weekend out on Monday! I hope you go take a little peruse you and find something you like. Maybe even love. I love it all.

Happy shopping all!

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