happy little hankie

I have a friend that I love so much she feels like family. We love like family, we fight like family. It is like she was supposed to be my sister and the stork got confused.

Me and Em 2005

So when she told me she was getting married in two week on 11-11-11 I was so excited for her. This girl deserves her happy everafter and found the perfect man to share it with. The ceremony was an intimate family only affair that was adorably romantic.

Instantly, I had to think of the perfect gift for her. Not enough time for an afghan, my usual go to wedding gift. What to do? What to do?

A sweet little hankie with a crochet border seemed the perfect gift for my sweet friend to carry on her wedding day. It would be like I was there to dry her happy tears even though I couldn't be.

I set out to find a ladies hankie to crochet a border to without avail. Men's hankerchiefs are everywhere. I have cut apart a mens hankie to make a smaller women's hankie before. I started to feel discouraged until I had one of those "Aha!" moments. A hankie is just a square of fabric! I have oodles of different fabrics. With a little inspiration from this perfect Lace Trim Hanky tutorial at Craft Passion.

I settled on a perky pink polka dot fabric, bright pink crochet trim with green embroidery in her new initials.

I think she loved it. Success!

I just adore it. I was thinking I may need a sweet set of hankies of my own.

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