Five Favorite Things...food favorites!

frame to match pink and brown

Here are a small collection of my favorite foods. I be hungry. Enjoy!

1.) Pie N The Sky - Blueberry Puff
This looks so delicious and so easy. Puff pastry made easy. Sign me up.

2.) A Beautiful Mess - Fancy Grilled Cheese 9 Ways
I would munch on ANY of these. Mmmm. Cheese. What a great idea. Carmelized onions. Bacon. Mmmm.
There is this new cheese shop that recently opened up in my hometown. It is called Liberty Old Towne Cheese Shop. I have been meaning to check it out when I have been home. I wonder if they serve grilled cheese. These would be awesome! I'd run there for specialty grilled cheeses.

3.) The Pioneer Woman - Perfect Ice Coffee
I want to try this so badly. I love coffee. My sister would probably have this on tap in her fridge for sure. She always has an iced coffee in her hand. (It is all very Nancy Botwin. Minus the drug dealing. Well, she is a nurse so there is a little drug dealing but its all legal. I swear.)

4.) Good Eats Blog - Buffalo Chicken Dip (aka Crack Dip)
I love appetizers. Dips are my favorite, I think. I have made this very tasty Buffalo Chicken Dip. It is a little addicting. (Oh we are abound with drug references today! What is going on? This one isn't my fault. )

5.) French Onion Soup
Ron Schnell is doucmenting all of his french onion soup experiences. I want to eat with this guy! I love love love french onion soup. I should try to make some eventually. I thought it was interesting that someone loves french onion soup more than me!

What are some of your favorite foods?

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