Crochet Star Pattern

These sweet little stars are perfect little ornaments to give as gift sets. They work up quick! Leave a loop to hang on a tree or could also stich the corners together to form a garland!

What you'll need:
H/8-5.00mm hook, darning needle, small amounts of worsted weight yarn. I used Red Heart Holiday in green/silver, aran/gold, and red/silver.

This yarn has a nice little sparkle to it!

Ch- chain, DC - double crochet, SC - single crochet and slst - slip stich

Ch 5, slst to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 3, 2 DC onto ring, *Ch3, 3 DC. Repeat from * 3 more times, Ch 3, slst into 3rd chain 1st Ch 3. (5 sets of DC clusters, 5 Ch 3 sections around ring)

Round 2: Ch 3, turn, 2 DC onto Ch 3 space from previous round, Ch3, 3 DC on same Ch 3 space, *skip DC, SC on middle DC of Round 1 cluster, skip DC, 3 DC, Ch 3, 3 Dc on next Round 1 Ch3 space. Repeat from * 4 more times. To end Round 2, skip DC and put hook through next Dc, then slide hook through the 3rd Ch on first Ch 3, and complete a SC (yarn over, pull through both DC on hook, yarn over and pull through last two loops on hook).

Fasten off. Weave in ends or leave a loop to hang as an ornament.

And for those who do not crochet, you can purchase a set of three at my etsy shop!

*This is my first attempt at writing a crochet pattern. Please let me know if you find something difficult to understand or a problem with the pattern!

Thank you,

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