Afterschool Hot Chocolate

Our weekend was pretty unexciting. We stayed home, made food, watched movies, played, and that was about it. I loved it. I like being home. Especially since I am still feeling a little under the weather.

It is a blustery dark day here. So, when gavin got hot from preschool, I decided that it was chilly enough for hot chocolate! He was more than thrilled with that.

I don't do anything super fancy when I make hot chocolate. I use Swiss Miss packets but I swap out the water for milk. This time, I had some left over half and half from the pumpkin pie I made for Thanksgiving, so I used that too. It made the hot chocolate dreamily creamy.

I have these cute butterfly mugs that are a little smaller than an average mug. I picked them up at a garage sale a long time ago for a quarter a piece.

They are perfect for Gavin's hot chocolate or apple cider. He still prefers a straw.

We are out of mini marshmallows but had those huge roaster marshmallows leftover from our canoe trip. I snipped them with the scissors to fit into his cup.

Mama likes hers with whipped cream. Yum.
Perfect for a cold dreary day.

What is your cold day comfort? I'd love for you to comment!

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