What to be for Halloween?


Still perplexed about your costume? Don't fret! There are plenty of ideas to pull together in time! Here are some unique ideas to help you out!

1.) Smarty Pants! - *easy*
One Halloween we went out to dinner and our server was wearing her regular uniform but with rolls of Smarties pinned all over her pants. Wear some nerdy glasses and carry a stack of books. I know you have been itching to wear a pocket protector! Simple. Easy. Clever.

2.) Prego Skeleton!
I have three pregnant friends. THREE! My friends like to breed. I was looking for something to entice one to join us for Halloween fun by finding her an easy cute and fun costume. I fell in love with this skeleton idea over at Make It and Love It! She even made one for her husband with a fast food meal in his belly. Hilarious. Make your own with this stencil tutorial!

3.) Mario & Princess Peach!
I thought this would make an adorable couples costume. Find some Goodwill bridemaids dress and make a yellow crown out of craft foam. Some overalls, white gloves, red shirt and a hat with a big "M".

4.) Beetlejuice & Lydia!
365.121 (Beetlejuice & Lydia)
A great 80's goofy yet creepy movie. These characters are iconic. kpwerker on flicker tells how her clever hubby made these costumes here.

5.) black and white tv character!
Dress in gray (hello my friend, Goodwill!) clothes, paint all your skin gray, and powder your hair. Watch the movie Pleasantville for inspiration.

My inspiration:
My costume is mostly provided by the Goodwill!
- v neck black sweater and white dress shirt $3
- burgundy tie $2 and a bit of yellow fabric paint (on hand)
- skirt $3
- knee high socks (kohl's,) 2 pk $8
- black Mary Janes (already owned)
- black robe, my graduation gown
- wand, painted dowel rod
- tease up my hair to Hermione bushiness
*unfortunately the plans have changed and I don't get to wear it out with friends but I might still dress up to take the kids trick-or-treat. If I do I'll be sure to take pics to share.

Other great places for inspiration:

Make up tutorials by Michelle Phan on youtube.

Costume ideas and tutorials with Threadbanger!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh, great inspiration! I'm dressing as Cleopatra this year - I found the perfect components for the costume on a thrift trip! I love costumes that cost less than $10.