Weekend Review!

I had another busy weekend making the trip back home for girl time and a family wedding.

Friday evening, we had so much fun giggling with good friends over dinner at TGI Fridays in Effingham, IL. I enjoyed a Japanese Hibachi Sirloin Skewer. It was pretty yummy.

We headed to the theater to get a good scare with Paranormal Activity 3! I am horrible at watching these movies in theaters. I keep my eyes closed during most of the scary parts. It was a lot of fun though being with my friends and picking it apart all the way home.

Saturday afternoon, Mom and I headed back to Effingham for a family wedding. We stopped in at Goodwill to bargain hunt. I picked up the last bits of my costume scoring a burgundy tie $1 & black sweater and white shirt set for $3. I also found a very pretty yellow cardigan for $3 and a couple plaid wool scarves for $1 each.

My cousin Chelsea was married at the edge of Lake Sara.

Gavin and I arriving at the wedding. He was happy to be my date.
Checking out the lake before the ceremony began.
Beautiful bride!
Perfect day for a fall lakeside wedding!
There was a sweet little ceremony with a nice reception afterwards in the pavillion near by. We stayed for dinner and then went home with Grandma Betty to meet her new little kitten! His name is Spook. He is a ball of black fur and was rescued by my "Ellie Mae" cousin Molly who is interning at a local vet clinic.

Sunday, was a nice easy day at Grandma's before we headed back home. That night Gavin and I watched Coraline on the ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween! The perfect ending for our weekend!

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