Tute Tuesday: Shirt Resize


I bought a shirt at Goodwill a couple weekends ago for $3. It is about 3 sizes to big and hangs like a big white tent. (No, I am not pregnant.) I liked the design around the collar and thought I might try to resize it and if it didn't work out I was only out $3 and my time. It ended up being super easy. You don't have to be a superb seamstress to do it either. You could easily sew it by hand if you have the paitence.


1)Turn inside out and lay flat.

2)Lay a shirt that fits you well and is NOT very strechy on top of the bigger shirt. (If it is strechy you might get a misread size from it.) Line up the center of the shirts.
I used a washable marker and marked out a dotted line about 1" away from the smaller shirt. Then cut. I stopped at the sleeves.

3) I hated the lettuce edge bell sleeves. So I chopped them off with my rotary cutter & a ruler to get a clean, exactly the same, cut. The great thing about knit is that you don't have to hem it.

4.) pin the sides and sew one straight shot up the side. Remember to back stich at the beginning and end to lock your stitch. Do the other side and try it on. It took me about 25 minutes total!

My new $3 custom fit shirt!
Oh, did someone say new glasses? Why yes! I do have new glasses! Aren't they pretty. It is my free pair from Coastal Contacts. Best deal ever!

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