Tute Tuesday: Cake Pop Tutorial!

Last week was Tanner's 29th birthday. I decided to make a test run on the popular new trend in bakery chic, Cake pops. I first saw cake pops at Bakerella. Kittykill over at Craftster.org had made a tutorial that seemed easy enough. So I gave it my best. Here are the "real girl" results:

What you need:

-cake mix of choice & ingredients to make cake as directed
-can of icing
-melting chocolate *see footnote
-sucker sticks
-craft foam to stick them in to dry, prepoke your holes.
*I attempted to use chocolate chips to melt = disaster. So i made a Micheal's run and bought Wilton's melting chocolate in a lovely Gavin shade of green. (He loves green.)

Step One:
Bake and cool cake
Step Two:
Crumble cooled cake in a large bowl into fine crumbs. Pick out any large pieces and eat them!
Step Three:
Add one can of icing and mix well.
Step Four:
Stick the mixture in the fridge for 10 minutes.
Step Five:
Form 1 1/2" - 2" balls (like meatballs)and place them out on a sheet pan. (*I made mine way too big. They were difficult to dip in the melted chocolate so I have adjusted the size in this tute so you don't make my mistakes!)
Step Six:
Melt your chocolate as directed on package.
Step Seven:
Dip your stick about an inch in the chocolate.
Then stick your cake balls about an inch in. Don't stick it all the way through but you want to make sure there is plenty of stick for it hold on to so it won't fall off. When they are all "stuck" stick them in the fridge for 30 min or if you are impatient (and have room) stick them in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Step Eight:
Re-melt chocolate if needed then dip and wiggle your cake pop until it is completely covered. Don't twist the stick it might twist out of the cake. I used what I like to call the joy stick method - moving it from side to side. Stick them in your prepoked holes in your craft foam. I reused some styrofoam that came in a box. Don't do it. It gave too much wiggle and they fell over. While still wet you can sprinkle with decorations.

So after all that the result was a cute new way to eat cake. It tasted pretty delish. The boys loved them. You could wrap them in little cello bags and tie them with ribbon for a party and it would be adorable!

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