Opening Day!

Here we go! Day 1 of hopefully many fun things we will share together here! First of all, introductions...my name is Brooke. I am a 30 year old mama of a 4 ( almost 5) year old little sweetie pie named Gavin. I am married to my best friend and partner in crime, Tanner. (Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, by the way!) To round out our family of four is Tanner's daughter Kylee who is 9.


DNA Photography

I am a recent graduate with a degree in graphic design. I am pretty proud of that little piece paper. It was a lot of hard work. I have been crocheting for half my life. I love making something useful with my own hands. I also dabble in a lot of other crafts. I am an all around creative person. If I am not making something I am probably thinking about it. Sometimes I have so many ideas I feel like my head is going to burst. I am hoping that doing this blog will help me organize my thoughts and hopefully inspire someone else's creativity!

What you have to look forward to:

frame to match gray and orange

Also I have plans to share personal movie and book reviews, updates about new designs I make for my etsy shop, and what ever else sounds like fun! I hope you check back often!

Thank you for your support!

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