Have a great spOOky weekend!


The best part of Halloween in watching the scary (and sometimes not so scary) movies! I prefer to watch them at home on the couch with my favorite crocheted afghan. (The holes are perfect for hiding and watching.) Here is a little list of movies that make it feel like Halloween to me!
4.) Scream
1.) Halloween

I am sure there are some of you with more frightening lists than mine!

I also wanted to share this fuzzy baby blanket I finished for a friend of mine!

She will not find out what she is having. (so stubborn) I went with a gender neutral yellow and cream. When I make blankets for people, I often think about how they will use it while I am working on it. I think about the new little life that will kept warm in its folds. How sweet they will be to snuggle in this soft blanket. Maybe it will become their favorite blanket as they grow. Like a sense of comfort, it will always be a big hug from me. I can't wait for her to see it!

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  1. You know what is so amazing? I was laughing while reading your post about the holes in the afghan... so true about peeking at what you don't want to see because later in the night that one scene runs over your mind.... over... and over... :)
    Also what is so amazing is that I have an afghan/blanket from a family member that made it yellow because they didn't know what I was yet (a girl) and it's my dad's favorite color.

    I love that you made one for the new comer, I love that!!! I;m following your blog little friend from far away!!