Five Favorite Things...Knitted!

frame to match pink and brown

Knitting. Something I can not do. I crochet and I love it but there is a certain look achieved by knitting that you cannot get when you crochet. They make delicate stiches that drape beautifully and make intricate patterns look effortless. I suppose that is why knitting is preferred when making clothing. I truly admire knitters and here are a few projects that make me wish I was a knitter.

1.) the Nell beret at Oh My Good Knits!
Lisa does beautiful work! She is very generous with her pattern sharing and also has an etsy shop available for us who cannot knit to purchase her fabulous knitted hats. She is also a talented crocheter. Check out her unique Doily Blankets to spruce up your vintage couch.

2.) Cables!
Oh how I wish I could make cables. These beautiful long purple cable knit mittens from Natasha Brenchley are beautiful!

3.) Leg warmers!
I love these long leg warmers from Lion Brand. They are knitted with a fine sock yarn that makes these beautiful leg warmers almost look like cozy tights.

4.) Lacy Cardigans!
Chic Knits offers a variety of beautiful free knitting patterns. The CeCe cardigan is light and breezy with beautiful lacy designs. Like I said before, I love cardigans. This beautiful feminine green beauty is right up my alley.

5. Basketweave!
This is another one of those stiches that I wish I could do. It is interesting and beautiful on this elegant shrug from Luxlux. This shrug is a great fall accessory that could easliy substitute for a jacket.

I have 2 books on teaching yourself to knit and 3 sets of needles, still I haven't learned. It is a bit daunting to get started on teaching yourself something like this from a book. For now, I will admire other talented people's beautiful knitted work and concentrate on perfecting what I know and love, crochet!

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