Five Favorite Things...in fashion!

frame to match pink and brown

I am not a fashionista. I have friends that are and when we stand next to each other I am sure what I am wearing is easily forgotten. If I wore anything else though I wouldn't be me. I have learned that the hard way. I have come to appreciate and embrace the simple style I do have. Here are a few of those things!

1.) Cardigans!
Old NavyCable Cardi
I am really warm natured and typical pullover sweaters suffocate me. A cardigan gives me room to breathe. I have grown to have quite the cardi collection but I am ALWAYS looking to add more. I like my plain ones but my favorites have little details on them. Like an embroidered flower, a scatter of sequins or a crocheted area around the collar. This one from Old Navy has a pretty cabled detail I like. I think its those little details that make them special. A cardi can spiff up jeans or a sun dress in a pinch. They also have many different sleeve choices. My favorite is 3/4 length sleeves.

2.) Ballet Flats!
Target Odell Ballet Flats
The ones I wear are purple and they are actually a hand me down but I love them! I need more in different colors! It is kind of a joke about just how much I HATE SOCKS but it is the truth. These allow me to be sock free without looking like a crazy person in the winter. I really like the Mossimo brand too. I have a few pairs of high heels from them and they are the most comfortable heels I have ever tried.

3.) Dresses!
Old Navy Flutter Sleeve Dress
A dress instantly makes you feel feminine. It makes me walk taller and do my hair nicer. It just makes me feel pretty. I only have a few sundresses but I liked this one for its flutter sleeves and rich green color. It looks flowy and beautiful.

4.) Headbands!
gemdropsjewelry on etsy
I like the simple polished look of a headband. I generally wear the skinny plastic kind but I would like to have a soft silky one this double aqua blue headband from gemdrops jewelry.

5.) Mad Men! - Inspiration!
Mad Men Fashion File
I love the AMC show Mad Men. Don Draper, the drama, and 1960's fashion! (Yes, in that particular order.) I think I was supposed to live back then and some wires got crossed or something. I love all Betty's poofy dresses and Joan's curve hugging bright colors. Then Don Draper walks in with that fitted suit. Wowza! It is one big swoon fest when I watch this show.

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