Five Favorite Things...About October!

frame to match pink and brown

1.) Spooky Movies! Must see every October: Hocus Pocus!
I have a whole list of must see before Halloween movies. Hocus Pocus cannot be missed. What is great about this movie is that its spooky, funny, and great to watch with the kids.

2.) Eating Roasted Pumpkin Seeds!
I love roasting pumpkin seeds. I great once a year treat! Next week, when we carve out pumpkins, I will share my recipe! This recipe is a different then what I make but might be worth a try.

3.) Dressing Up!
I love the whole process of dressing up in costumes for Halloween. I love looking through etsy for inspiration. I love making the different elements with my hands.
I love getting everyone else excited about putting together their own costumes too!

4.) My hometown Halloween Parade!
Every year, the Thursday before Halloween, my hometown has a huge Halloween parade. People file along dowtown to see all the floats, costumes, and marching bands. It is a tradition that I have missed out on for the past few years since I have moved away. I am hoping to make it down there for it this year though.

5.) I get excited about crocheting and making cold weather accessories.
soft pink button neckwarmer
Happy Halloween!

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