Meet Jackson!

Hello! My name is Jackson! I am a rescue basset! I am 2 1/2 years old.

My new family found me through www.dailydrool.com!
I had been living with a lovely foster mom who had three bassets! I had fun there but I was still hoping for a new family. I am awfully sweet and good mannered...most of the time.
I am a handsome guy. I deserve a nice loving family complete with snuggles, long walks and belly rubs.

I am so happy to have my kiddos.

I've been getting quite comfy here.
I love to snuggle with mama. She scratches my ears and rubs my belly.

Daddy gets a turn too. He does feed me and give me treats, takes me out when mama is in her pjs.


Last minute Christmas!

This has been a crazy busy December. It always sneaks up on me. I am frantically trying to finish up those great ideas I had in the beginning of the month for gifts. Nothing like the last minute! I snipped my finger last night with my super sharp fabric scissors hurrying along and not being careful. I am already a little clumsy but sheesh! Now I have a lame finger and I am attempting to get all these things done. I like watching the list get shorter though! Unfortunately, I need to go to the store and do the last of the grocery shopping and pick up a couple more presents. It is going to be a mad house! I can't wait until Christmas Eve when I can sit and enjoy it!

On top of all that, we have been searching for the perfect doggie for our family. Gavin has asked for a REAL dog. After some careful consideration, we think our family is ready for another addition. We researched breeds not wanting something big like a lab and not wanting something annoying like a Chihuahua. I have always liked Jack Russel terriers but found that they aren't always great with kids and can be a little ball of energy. We are pretty laid back folk. Enter the basset hound. Great with children, happy go lucky personality, laid back and stubborn. Just like me. My heart beats wildly. I love those long ears and sleepy eyes. We have been cramming all you can find out about bassets and began filling out applications for rescue shelters and foster homes. Last night, we received a phone call from one of the rescue places! It was a serious interview. The initial dog we had listed as our pick was adopted on Monday but we found another possibility that is only 30 minutes away! So we are waiting for a call back from the foster parents. We are hoping to be able to visit him today! The kids still have no idea and I think Tanner has visions of our new family member under the tree Christmas morning with a big ol' bow around his neck! Cute as pie, I know. Needless to say, we are very anxious to find out! I am anxious about all the unknowns. I have never lived with a dog before. I am worried about the drool, smell, hair, accidents, and whether or not they fit in with our family...etc. But I am very optimistic and excited to have a new buddy.


Oh Christmas Tree!

The shopping is just about finished here! I have a couple loose ends to tie up and a few Brookemade gifts to finish but we did a pretty good job this year! Amazon and Old Navy are our big time savers. We order online and it is shipped straight to the house. I can wrap as they come in. It is wonderful. After tonight, my tree hopefully won't be so naked underneath!

My cutie pie in front of our tree. He sings this all the time "Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! You are so grade and lobby!" at the top of his little voice. I almost pee my pants from laughter. I'm not even sure what the real words are anymore. Too funny.

I'm sure everyone has some favorite ornaments on their tree. I thought I'd share the special ones I love!
My first Christmas! - 1981

Also a gift from my MIL, "our 1st home" ornament
Gavin's first Christmas! This was a gift from my aunt Becky! It is a baby's rattle with a snowglobe top. I love putting on this ornament. It gets front and center every year.
My first Christmas as a mama! Itty bitty one month old Gavin!
My mom gave us this one last year. It is such a sweet idea. It opens and has little strips of paper to write messages on and leave inside.
A favor from my cousin's wedding.
The hat ornament I made from this post.
This was a cheap ornament but I love it. Its a beautiful red and sparkly!
A little stocking that holds my engagement ring box. We were engaged on the 22nd of December and he had hid it in the tree! So I kept the box in there as a sweet memory.
We have a few Cubs ornaments thanks to my mother-in-law!

A pretty gold butterfly my mama got me. I love butterflies!
Our wimpy Christmas card collection this year. I don't know what the deal is. Isn't anyone sending cards out? Two of those are from the same Grandma (she sent one with puppies on it just for Gavi!) I love getting fun mail like holiday cards. I hope I get some more this week!
Our Christmas card this year! We took a few different kinds of pictures! We couldn't help but put the goofy one on the card. The kids loved it so much. Can you see those big smiles?

Here let me help you.

Now that is what Christmas is about. Having fun with the ones you love.
Our home all decorated!
Merry Christmas!


Giggles, Glitz & Glam guest post: Poppy Fabric Flowers Tute

I was excited to guest post over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam for Jana while she was on maternity leave! I did a tutorial on fabric flower accessories! Visit her blog and check it out! Make yourself some fun flower accessories too! (its super duper easy!)



Homemade Christmas Ornaments!

Oh, how I love to make things at Christmas! Ornaments are the perfect craft! They are usually easy and quick with great results. They also make wonderful gifts! Make a set and give them to Granny. She will love them! Here are a few tutorials I found that are absolutely beautiful!

1.) Stocking cap hats from guest poster Kate from Ollie's Closet on Oh My Goodknits!

I have already made a couple of these. They are really simple to make and are adorable!

2.) Dried orange slices with cinnamon sticks from Natural Suburbia! Easy peasy, they smell good and they look like little stained glass when the tree lights are on!

3.) Sweet felt ornaments on Just Mommies! Cut out a shape and stitch it with embroidery floss. Use a Christmas cookie cutter as a template!

4.) Beautiful salt dough ornaments! Make any shape you want. Press in a leaf, your childs hand print, or some letters and the year makes something memorable!

5.) Know someone who just got married? Had a new baby? Check out this simple idea of using a clear glass ornament filled with the cut up wedding invitation or baby announcement! You could also write messages to your family or friends about your hopes for them! From Christy Robbins blog!

I hope you get crafty this holiday season! Take pride in making something wonderful and giving it to a friend!


Garden of Eden Designs Meet and Greet!

I was happily invited to share a bit about myself by the lovely and inspiring Victoria Hughes of Garden of Eden Designs!

Read more here!

Thank you Victoria for the opportunity!

My Christmas movie lists!

I love movies! My favorite time of year for movies is Christmas! Nothing like snuggling up to watch something magical about Christmas with the people I love. It is fun to see how the kids react to seeing movies I have loved for years and they are only discovering for the first time!

Here is my Christmas movie rundown! I split them into two lists: children and adult. Though a few are interchangeable.

Make some hot chocolate, pop some popcorn, and make some memories with your family this year!

Now get your friends or your honey and have a laugh (or in some cases a cry).

Merry Christmas!!!


Christmas memories.

We celebrated both of my lovely grandmother's birthdays last Sunday. I have the best grandmas a girl could ask for. They are both sweet, loving, and supportive women.

My Grandma Linda was a big Christmas lover when I was growing up. She changed her curtains, bathroom decor, rugs, and even the toilet paper said "Ho, ho, ho!". Every table had at least three animated little vinettes. My favorite was a little house that lit up, sang "Up On the Rooftop" while Santa circled the house on his sleigh. Each room had lights and poinsettas. She went all out. It truly made Christmas magical to go to her house. As her and Grandpa have gotten older they tell us we are lucky they got the tree up. She is a funny lady. She does have a few animated things she sets out still. She had a lot of fun sharing them with Gavin. Grandma has alzheimers and while she is still highly functioning sometimes she gets confused and talks us in circles. Which makes her sad because she knows something isn't right. Gavin brings out that happy, smiley Christmas loving Grandma that I remember. They both light up at the singing snowman and she sings along and tries to get Gavin to sing.

Grandpa Bob, Grandma Linda & a possibly 3 year old me. 1984

My Grandma Betty has a beautiful home with a lovely fireplace. Each Christmas Eve, we visit her and there is always a fire going. There is always a huge spread of food. This side of the family isn't that big but the intimate gathering of people is so much fun. We laugh and play games, have a funny gag gift exchange. It might just be my favorite Christmas gathering. Grandma Betty is an onery girl and always has great gag gifts. One year my brother in law opened a pair of skimpy mens cheetah undies that she had brought. My brother in law is a big burly firefighter tough guy. It was hilarious. He has also conviently had to work every Christmas Eve since. What is more hilarious is the thought of my beautiful white haired granny at the check out with those crazy things!

gavin and Grandma Betty Christmas 2009

Nothing like some goofy glasses and a foam red nose to make the season bright!

I love sharing my grandmas with Gavin. He loves them just as much as I do and gets excited to visit them. The best part is seeing the women I have held so dearly to my heart fall in love with my favorite little man.

My little sister Ashley and I - Christmas 1987

My beautiful cousin Molly opened a collection of mustaches on a stick that I made for the gift exchange.

Mom opened a "jugs" shirt I made!

..and then my crazy wonderful sister had to try it on.

I hope you and your family get a chance to be together and be silly! Laugh and love each other! Being together as a family should be a fun time. You should leave the party feeling loved and blessed! If it isn't what is the point in being together?

Merry Christmas!


Gearing up!

December is one of those crazy months for me. Actually it begins to get crazy mid November with Gavin's birthday! From November 16th through December 22nd, there are at least 9 birthdays! Not mention Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the hub bub that goes with it all.

Christmas 2009 - modeling a pretty red and white scarf I made for my Grandma and his new red mittens. He is so darn cute!

So we finally got the tree up last night and lights on the outside of the house. I love Christmas lights. I put them up in every room and that is all the light we usually have on at night. It makes for a beautiful romantic glow all through the house. I have also been preparing for this Saturday's Pawnee PTO Holiday Bazaar. This will be my third year participating. It is a nice event with breakfast with Santa, Santa's Work Shop (shopping for the kids) and the craft and vendor shopping. My sales were pretty slim last year but I am hopful this year will be better! If you want to come out and see all my goodies I will be there from 9a-1p. I think there is something yummy for lunch there too!

Here are a couple new thing I listed today!

black & gray circle scarf

black mittens

I really love to make presents for people. My list this time of year gets unrealistically long for gifts I want to make. It never works out the way I want it. I only have two hands, unfortunately!


Holiday Card Collection - round 2

Here is the second set of my holiday card collection!

For more information about this collection or detail on how to order cards for yourself, please email me at brookeknebel@gmail.com!

thank you!